Gradients of Vegetables Colours From a Real Photos 45 High Quality Gradients



Gradients of vegetables in .grd Format

This collection of fruits colours consists of 45 high quality premium fruits gradients.

Gradients of vegetables collection it is a useful design tool for creative people, designers and digital artists. All colours taken from a real photos of vegetables: onion, pepper, grape, cucumber, carrot, tomato, olive, coconut, nut, lettuce and more. All colours is original without editing.

Gradients are used in almost all types of graphic design or creative photo editing, therefore they are such an important component to have in your design and art collection. The gradients can be used in painting, illustration, graphic, photo editing, art, design, or any more creative projects. This collection is one of the best resources for graphic designers.

After you will buy, you will receive premium gradients for photoshop in a .grd file. That file can be easily imported in photoshop. Go to Edit Preset Manager Preset Type: Gradient Load.

Size: 51 KB
Format: .grd + .jpeg

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