Elegant Colours Palette for Freebie




Elegant Colours Palette, freebie resources graphic colours palettes in .aco and .ase format with jpeg preview of colours.

This free elegant colours Palettes set for professional graphic designers, games developers and freelancers.

Elegant Colours Palette it is a best and free colours palette include 10 colours with 5 levels of every single colour for free download. High quality colour palettes ready for your designs, digital artworks, graphic design, illustrations, branding, corporate identity, games design and more creative visual projects. In fact it is a very useful tool for designers, freelancers and artists. Easy to use colour palettes without lose your time. Creative people, freelancers and graphic designers must have this set in his tools collection.

This palette is one of the useful colours palette set for design elegant business identity or branding to present your designs with professional level quality to clients and customers. It is one of the helpful tool for graphic designers, branding studios, freelancers, and advertising agencies. High quality resources it is one of the successful marketing tool for promote graphic design work or company identity. Use this high-quality colours set for easily seal your designs, illustrations, interfaces designs, web design or any creative graphic projects.

Colours palette helpful to your portfolio design, web site design, presentation design, corporate identity design or any kind of graphic designs. This original and unique professionally colours ideal suitable to give you best quality look for your brand design. With this premium graphic design resources and you will get natural and professional look. High quality palettes it is a most common solution for graphic designers, branding studios, freelancers, and advertising agencies.

This colours palettes very easy to use, suitable for Photoshop, Illustrator or any professional graphic redactor.
Download the files, Go to swatches > Load swatches or Replace swatches > Select the file
Colours Palette Features:
  • Easy to use
  • Smart files
  • Professional Quality Level
  • Few file formats
Size: 4 KB
Format: .aco and .ase + .jpeg preview

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